Brennan Orie

Brennan, inspired by his wife, moves us with this bit of Simon and Garfunkel.

Anna Luther

Anna wrote this original song in these troubled times, and we’re honored she’s sharing it with us.

Tony & The West Siders

Tony & The West Siders are back with some more Blues.

John Elsenbeck

John shares how he’s passing his time in quarantine and reads a poem that springs to mind.

Melissa McGuire

Melissa serenades us with a happy little Broadway tune.

Wayne Leiss

RTB President Emeritus, Wayne Leiss, shares a poem in honor of Earth Day.

Mark Hankla

A first person account of the Theater Barn’s ghost, Francis.  Thank you Mark Hankla, and sorry we didn’t warn you!

Dany Rousseau

Songstress Dany Rousseau, recently seen as part of the RTB Lounge Series in The Duane & Dany Show, reminds us all to just breathe…

Paulette Layton

Our very own Paulette Layton, shares her favorite Shakespeare sonnet in this submission inspired by National Poetry Month.


Shawn Brown

Inspired by a little Monty Python, Shawn Brown offers up a slice of lemon meringue pie in this cheerful series addition.


Cathy Malloy

Cathy Malloy shares a performance that would have been a part of Piano Bar…n, where she muses about dreams.

Lisa Ameijide

Lisa Ameijide wrote a short story for a competition that got canceled, so she shares her entry with us as a part of our ongoing series.

Tony & The West Siders

Tony and the West Siders (Tony Vournazos, Alexis Vournazos, and Erik Tonner) give us a rousing bit of blues with some Muddy Waters for this ghost light submission.

Stephanie Trolle

Stephanie Trolle, a regular patron at RTB, recites some lovely poetry her sister wrote in this touching and very personal Stealing the Ghost Light session.

Duane Lanham

Duane Lanham, recently featured in The Duane & Dany Show, serenades us as part of the Stealing the Ghost Light series.

Matt Austin

Matt Austin, known for his over-the-top, physical comedy, delivers a riveting performance as part of our Stealing the Ghost Light series

Scott Brill

Thank you to Scott Brill, director of The Exonerated and our 2017 production of Rumors, for the first submission to the Stealing the Ghost Light series.