The Role in the Hay Players

Our next installment of

Whose Barn IS It Anyway?

Friday,April 24th at 8pm 

Improvisation involves dialogue and actions created spontaneously in response to suggestions from the audience. There is no script and no plot. Game playing techniques put the performers in situations where they must use their imagination and comedic instincts, and what evolves is a combination of stand-up comedy and game show—with hilarious results. In the unpredictable world of improvisational comedy, anything can happen…and usually does. But what makes Improv so unique and engaging is that the audience participates in the mayhem.


So be prepared to enter a wacky world of anything-goes insanity, because the only thing that is predictable is an evening of laughs for everyone. Due to the spontaneous nature of improvisation, performances may contain adult language and themes that may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion is advised.


Fundamentals of Improv is the first step on your journey to learning the skills that serve as the foundation for an improv performer. In this course, students will focus on agreement, banishing fear, the elements of improv scene work and, most especially, teamwork. You will use these tools to play games like those seen on “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?.” The class will end with the students performing for friends and family in an improv show hosted by Rick on the main stage of the Ridgefield Theater Barn.

All you need to take this course is the desire to have fun and learn – you don’t need to be funny, nor do you need to prepare or memorize anything!

Improv is not only fun, but has many benefits: it helps with “thinking on your feet”, stage fright and assertiveness, and can add a dimension to acting. Rick has a knack for bringing this all to life in a low-stress, fun environment.

Rick Hodder has been studying, performing, and teaching improv for close to 20 years! He is a founding member and director of our in-house improv troupe “The Role In The Hay Players.” Rick studied and performed in ensembles at Gotham City Improv, in NYC. He has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade (started by SNL’s Amy Poehler) in NYC, and is currently studying improv at the Magnet Theater in NYC.


Classes: Sundays, 6-8pm, March 22nd – May 3rd (No Classes: April 5th or April 12th)
Performance: May 8th


Classes: Tuesdays, 7-9pm, March 24th – May 5th (No Class: April 28th)

Performance: May 8th