Piano Bar...n

A Musical Cabaret
Some planned (but mostly not)

Friday April 17th &
Saturday April 18th
at 8pm

Cabaret Seating ~ Doors open at 7
Bring food and drink

Tickets are $30

Co-Hosted by
Pamme Jones and Jeffery Albanesi

Musical Director and Accompanist
Lisa Riggs Hobbs

Production Manager
Paulette Layton

A wickedly entertaining evening filled with live music, talented performers and good company where you may even be shaken out of your comfort zone to hop on the stage yourself.  (Don’t worry, we won’t force you)

If you’ve ever been to a New York City piano bar then you’ve experienced that indefinable spark of anything-can-happen musical mischief and fun that we’ve brought home to Ridgefield.

Due to its spontaneous nature, this event is recommended for mature audiences.