Open Auditions

June 2019

                      We close our 2018-2019 season with this powerful drama, based on the novel by Ken Kesey and adapted for the stage by Dale Wasserman.  Directed by Kevin Sosbe, the play is a dark exploration of institutionalism and the celebration of humanity.


Auditions for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, by Dale WassermaN
March 10th, 4pm-7pm and March 11th from 7pm-9pm 
Callbacks if needed, tba.
Seeking 12 men and 4 women, ages 18 and over. All types welcome. 
Sense of adventure a plus. Readings from sides to be provided.
Any questions related to audition requirements or character breakdown below should be sent to

Performance Dates:



Character Breakdown:

Chief Bromden- initially mute. Larger stature.

Aide Warren- a pacing mean spirited orderly.

Aide Williams- see above but more juvenile in attitude.

Nurse Ratched- unimpressed. Keeps her demeanor. Often looks like she may have just smelled gas. Candidate should be comfortable with the concept of brief exposure on one side of the chest when a dress gets torn and lights blackout.

Nurse Flinn- Mousy. Nervous, pious.

Dale Harding- the defacto leader of the patients. Intellectual, put upon, perhaps a shade feminine. Talks with his hands, which move in scale to his feelings.

Billy Bibbit- Young. Mama’s boy. Virgin. Bullied. Vulnerable. Severe stutterer. Comfortable in underwear.

Scanlon- Kind of scary. Former violent sex criminal? Uses his eyes to great effect. Still one of the gang, though.

Cheswick- Sleepy. Cherubic. Big kid. Last one to get the joke.

Martini- Prone to hallucinations. Otherwise not unpleasant.

Ruckly- Once like McMurphy. He is a symbol. A reminder of the system. Lobotomized. Barely functions. Listens well and uses good timing to deliver lines. Important visual presence.

Randle P. McMurphy- a folk hero. Bigger than life but not necessarily a large man. Simple man. Likes what he likes but has a good heart. Comfortable in underwear.

Dr Spivey- older doctor. Probably should have retired long ago. Easy mark.

Aide Turkel- night shift in the ward. Not beyond cutting deals with the patients.

Candy Starr- Party girl. Chippy. McMurphy’s friend. Sweet, especially when she recognizes the need for it. “Makes a man” out of Billy. Comfortable shrouded in a bed sheet wearing undergarments.

Sandra- Friends with McMurphy and Candy. Part of the duo that arrives though the window. Good natured, fun loving.