Open Auditions
June 2nd & 3rd


Directed by Michael Ferrara

Auditions Sunday June 2nd & Monday June 3rd at 7pm

Performance dates are Fridays & Saturday at 8pm

September 6th ~ 28th

Sunday matinees September 15th & 22nd at 5pm

Rehearsal TBD


Those auditioning should be familiar with the play and role they are auditioning for.  You will read from sides provided.  

If you wish to review the sides ahead of time, please email and put “Red Hot Lovers” in the subject line.


Cast Breakdown

Barney Cashman…a middle-aged, married nebbish, in his 40’s, owner of a  New York City seafood restaurant, who wants to join the sexual revolution before it’s too late. He is a gentle soul with no experience in adultery who is in the midst of a mid life crisis.

Elaine Navazio…a somewhat course woman in her late 30’s, experienced in the art of adultery.  She likes cigarettes, whiskey and other women’s husbands.  Sarcastic, jaded, and bored with her life, she is only interested in a sexual encounter with Barney.
Bobbi Michele…is an unemployed, entertainer who Barney meets quite accidentally, and loans her money for a piano accompanist for an upcoming audition.  She is “madder than a Hatter” and represents the new morality of the late 1960’s.  She is flighty, coquettish, in her middle to late 20’s, and regales Barney with her wild stories of coast to coast sexual encounters.

Jeannette Fisher…Barney’s wife’s best friend.  She is approximately the same age as Barney.  She is  a staunch moralist who is depressed over her husbands infidelities.  While she does not find Barney attractive, she has decided to repay her husbands indiscretions by having an affair with him.