Upcoming Auditions

Sunday, December 15th and Monday, December 16th at 7:00pm

Performance Dates
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, March 13th ~ April 4th
Sunday Matinees at 2pm, March 22nd & 29th

Rehearsals TBD

For more information, please e-mail info@ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org and put “One Acts” in the subject line.

Play Synopses & Character Descriptions

At The Water’s Edge
Written by Carol Mark, directed by David Fritsch

At the beach, Margie visits the favorite spot of her recently deceased mother, only to find it occupied by a mysterious man. He turns out to be a mer-person or a Siren of the Sea, with insights into what may help Margie process recent events.

Margie (30s-40s):  A loner.  Shy. Awkward. Afraid of people.  But secretly wants to join in.
Eddie (30s-40s):  A Merman.  A little tactless, a little brash but a big heart.  Not quite secure in his role as a Siren of the Sea.

Breaking & Entering
Written by Ellie Martino, directed by Shawn Tyler Allen

Chief Hardy and Officer Wilde find themselves doing some office clean-up, when they come across an unsolved case.  Bernadette’s home was broken into.  However, instead of being scared of her intruder, she falls in love with him.  Hardy and Wilde become much more invested in the love story than either of them would expect.  Was Bernadette able to share her love, or is she all alone?

Chief Hardy (M or F, 40+): Gruff, has seen it all
Officer Wilde (M or F, 20s/30s):  Rookie cop, fiery & eager 
Bernadette (F, 20+): Fairy-like, Zooey Deschanel vibes & voice, must be able to sing
Rugged Guy (M, 20+): Thief, not the brightest bulb, must be able to sing

(* HARDY and WILDE are written as male, but either can be played by/as females – feel free to change pronouns accordingly.)

Written by Pat Lennon, directed by Brian DeToma

Thomas goes to the Podiatrists office for his ingrown toenail.  Instead of the Dr. healing his pain, he encounters Mary, the Dr’s assistant whose “quirky” sense of humor and caring makes Thomas see that it wasn’t really his toenail that was hurting him, but his feeling of being left behind by his wife. Things aren’t always what they seem…sometimes you just have to look at it a different way.

Mary (F, 20s-50s, age flexible): Dr’s assistant, goofy with a Marypoppins like quality
Thomas (M, 65+ can be older or younger): sad sack type, very nervous

Home, Sweet Homeland Security
Written by C.J. Ehrlich, directed by Michael Ferrara

Nina and Dirk Coldstone are entertaining the new couple from the neighborhood.  Dirk works for Homeland Security and is very suspicious of everyone and every thing. As part of the Homeland Security Force working at the local airport, Dirk is used to patting people down, sweeping peoples torso’s with a metal detector and offering  glasses of wine to his guests containing no more than 4 ounces of liquid, etc…The night continues along that vein, with Nina attempting to cover up her husband’s eccentric behavior, a game of charades, and finally, an ending with a funny twist.

 Nina Coldstone (F, 40’s)
Dirk Coldstone (M, 40’s)
Sheila Sipkin (F, 30’s)
Mike Sipkin (M, 30’s)

One Night Stan
Written by Adam Szudrich, directed by Nancy Pointer

Three women recount their date with Stan simultaneously in a rat-a-tat barrage of lust, self-doubt, and questionable dance moves.  A comedy about seeing the same things through very different eyes.

 Rachel (F, 20s): fake tan, perfect hair, ready for the red carpet.
Holly (F, 30s):   hippie chic maxi dress, necklaces, bangles a cotton bag slung over her shoulder.
Marie (F, 40s):  prim, proper, dressed conservatively in a button up blouse, showing legs.

Written by Carol Mullen, directed by Erik Tonner

A fictional conglomeration of contemporary detective tv dramas giving us a glimpse into the world of crime, corruption and love.

Det. Smith (F, 30s): tough but tender
Det. Wesson (F, 30s): tough and edgy
The Captain (F, 40s+): world weary
Doc/Specs/Perp (F, 30s)

 Slow Dating
Written by Adam Szudrich, directed by Linda Seay

When Ester, a 70+, self-confessed happily married woman tries Speed Dating for Seniors, it leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation about her husband. This one-woman show explores the beauty of holding on and the vulnerability in letting go.

Ester (F, 70+, somewhat flexible): well-dressed woman, who wears a long silk scarf.

Wait For It
Written by MaryEthel Schmidt, directed by Duane Lanham

A chance meeting at a funeral reception leads two wayward souls to examine missed opportunities.

Greta (F, 35-55): a single, successful eye-surgeon who is a little lost, a little late, and a little off.
Greg (M, 35-55): single, a one-time darling of the stage and screen who struggles to repeat the success of his one and only hit.

Which Wildflower Are You?
Written by Linda Bidwell Delaney, directed by Kate Patton

When 3 friends use an app to delve into their personalities, more comes to light than they would have expected.

 Jane Carpenter (F, 20s-30s): A shy woman who lacks self confidence. Age is flexible but should be relative to the ages of Max and Rose.
Max Carpenter (M, 20s-30s): Jane’s brother.  Kind, supportive and, as we will learn, clever. Age is flexible but should be relative to the ages of Jane and Rose.
Rose Montgomery (F, 20s-30s): Max’s friend and love interest.  Attractive, well dressed, confident. Age is flexible but should be relative to the ages of Max and Jane.
Sam (age/gender flexible):  An app personified, a personal identity quiz consultant for social media.   She peaks cheerfully, dispassionately and a little seductively, (like Alexa, or Siri), almost human but not quite. She is a voice assistant, not a robot. Written as a female but could be played by a male (you may change the pronouns) and could be in a different age category from the others.