Auditions December 11th & 12th!

Auditions for An Evening of One Acts 2023

Sunday, December 11th and Monday, December 12th at 7pm

Those auditioning should come prepared to read from sides provided.  All plays are original unpublished works.  Anyone wishing to read the plays ahead of time should email


Play Synopses & Character Breakdown

An Awkward Conversation in the shadow of Mount Moriah

Written by John Bavoso, directed by Gina Pulice

After luring Isaac to the top of Mount Moriah under false pretenses, binding him, and nearly sacrificing him, Abraham is faced with an even more arduous task…attempting to make small talk with his son during their walk home.

Abraham – (M, 50s – 60s, any race/ethnicity) Abraham is a father who has wrestled with the ultimate tough parenting decision. Any race/ethnicity.

Isaac – (M, late 20s – early 30s, any race/ethnicity) Isaac is a son who is coming to terms with the choices his father has made. Any race/ethnicity.



Written by Kate Katcher, directed by Gregory Liosi

A mother (Madeline) recruits her daughter (Robin) to help her in the purchase of a secondhand bassinette. The seller (Shauna) is eager to sell to an expectant mother. It would seem straightforward, but all may not be as it appears.

Madeleine (F, middle-aged, any race/ethnicity): has an air of sophistication

Robin(F, mid to late 20s, any race/ethniciy): much more casual demeanor and appearance

Shauna (F, mid to late 30s, any race/ethnicity): Happy, bubbly personality, and naivete



Written by Chris Griffin, directed by Brian DeToma

Angela (F, 20s-30s, any race/ethnicity):  Patient, kind, and open minded.  Dressed all in white

Cornelius (M, 40s-50s, any race/ethnicity) Dignified, stoic and direct; dressed in Roman garb

Marianne (F, 60s, any race/ethnicity) Ebullient, proper, and motherly, dressed in colonial attire

Walt (M, 40s-50s, any race/ethnicity) Unbelieving, confident, assertive; dressed in a suit

Jackie (F, 20s, any race/ethnicity) Open, feisty, and challenging; dressed as a hippie



Written by Bara Swain, directed by Craig David Rosen

A mother and daughter prepare for a tag sale, and much more.

Sandy (F, late 30s-40’s, any race/ethnicity) Practical, but not cold.  Capable, but not necessarily confident

Marge (F, 70’s, any race/ethnicity) Sees the humor in life, and in herself.  Not happy with the changes to come, but not a complainer, and doesn’t seek to blame


No Good Deed

Written by Ed Friedman, directed by Deborah Carlson

Co-workers re-assess their relationship after a night at the theater.

Benny (M, mid-20s to mid-40s, any race/ethnicity)

Brenda (F, mid-20s to mid-40s, any race/ethnicity)


Rugby’s Angels

Written by Joe Carlisle, directed by David Fritsch

Laurel Canyon, California- 1988: Jimmy is trying to sell a pilot to the industry. He recruits two friends to read it out loud for him just before his meeting. Jimmy’s script needs a great deal of work. 

The two actress friends will need to toggle between two character voices; One voice is for the script they’re reading, a gangster script as in the mob. The other voice is their “natural” speaking voice, even if it is a character voice.

Think screwball comedy, as the pace will be quick

Jimmy (M, 25-50, any race/ethnicity): A writer(?) and actor(?) and wannabe producer. He’s trying to sell a pilot to “the suits” and gets 2 actress friends of his to workshop the script. This could be his last shot at success.

Ruth (F, 25-50, any race/ethnicity): Desperate for work in the movies, believes Jimmy is her ticket to fame and success.

Hazel (F, 25-50, any race/ethnicity): same as Ruth


Stealing a Kiss

Written by Laurie Allen, directed by Linda Seay

Two elderly citizens meet at a bus stop where raindrops turn to rain, which turns to love.

Harvey (60s+ *): Any race/ethnicity. Extrovert, happy-go-lucky. Lonely

Sue (60s+ *): Any race/ethnicity. Stiff, guarded. Lonely

*Please note, both of these roles are open to all gender identities