Ridgefield Theater Barn
Musical Theater Workshop

An Opportunity for Young Performers Fall 2019


FIRST DAY                       CAST 1: Tues. 9/3      CAST 2: Wed. 9/4       CAST 3: Thurs. 9/5


Student must SIGN IN at the front door before every class and rehearsal.

Students are encouraged to arrive ten minutes early if they want to chat, ask questions, review material, etc.  They should be prepared to begin working as a class when the class begins.

Students are to be picked up and SIGNED OUT within the building by a parent or a person who has been previously authorized to do so.  (If anyone other than this person is picking up a student, or if a student is to meet their ride curbside we must be notified in writing at the sign in sheet.)

Saturday rehearsals are held between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

All actors are called to attend their first Saturday, scheduled by cast.

Saturday 9/7:         CAST 1, 9:00AM -10:30AM

                                   CAST 2, 10:30AM – 12:00PM

                                   CAST 3, 12:00PM – 1:30AM

All actors are called to attend their second Saturday, scheduled by age

Saturday 9/14:           STUDENTS grades 3 – 5,           9:00AM -11:00AM

                                    STUDENTS grades 6 & up          11:30AM – 1:30PM

Thereafter, Saturdays will run on a “rehearsal calendar” where students are required to attend only during the hours on Saturday that their specific scenes are being rehearsed.  The Saturday rehearsal calendar will be distributed after casting is complete, usually week #2.










Any student wishing to attend an entire Saturday rehearsal is always welcome to do so:  there is always something to learn by observing others and we encourage our students to enjoy each other’s support and encouragement!  Please, just let us know in writing if a student is staying longer than scheduled.


Traditional auditions are, by their very nature, about including and excluding.  We believe that every Theater Barn Kid is entitled to a theatrical education just by signing up!  There are no auditions, no exclusion.  Much like classwork at school, we assign material to each student based on abilities demonstrated/observed in class.  Our goal is to challenge students who need to be challenged, nurture students who need encouragement to grow and to educate every participant in the art of musical theater.  Please support us in all we hope to achieve for our students.

When a student misses their scheduled weekday class, arrangements can be made for them to attend on an alternate day of the week up to three times per course.  Similarly, if a Saturday rehearsal is missed – consult the rehearsal calendar and attend another cast’s rehearsal of the same material.

When casting a student’s role in the final performance, a poor attendance record from past sessions will be a consideration against a challenging role.  Students are excused from rehearsals, with advanced notice: It’s up to the parent and student to prioritize!

Students should dress casually and comfortably.
Loose fitting clothes, preferably jeans, sweat pants, tee shirts, etc.
Girls may need a leotard and rehearsal skirt. (Length to be determined by roles in show -TBA)
It’s a good idea to bring along a light jacket or sweater.

Footwear: dance shoes, sneakers, running shoes, etc.

(When dropping off or picking up a student, a parent may wear whatever they like.)

A 3-ring binder, as there will at times be printed material distributed or emailed
At least two pencils with erasers. (We’ll provide a pencil sharpener.)
A bottle of water. (No other food or drink will be permitted in the theater.)
At EVERY MUSIC REHEARSAL:    Students are encouraged to bring in a digital recorder.  (NOTE: most phones, DSi & tablets have recording functions)

Most important, bring an active imagination.

Electronic distractions (unless being used as recorders)

Homework from other institutions of learning.
Friends, pets, and/or grandparents.
Inhibition and judgment.


For direct contact with the instructor via Internet, please Email:   RTBK@RidgefieldTheaterBarn.org

General info, including ticket sale information, is available at:      www.RidgefieldTheaterBarn.org

Regarding sales (i.e. tickets, tuition, donations etc.), contact:      info@ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org

 In the event a message needs to get through to our staff, please text Missy Hanlon.

(Messages will be checked before and after class, not during)

Missy Hanlon’s cell (203) 417-1074 – TEXT IS BEST

Theater Barn Backstage Landline (203) 431-1593

Why not enter this information into your phone right now?  Great!

Students will be expected to do memorization and reviewing at home.
We encourage the parents to be involved.  Not by asking a student to perform for you, but by discussing the lessons, the exercises, and reviewing the material they are working on together. Refer to the Rehearsal Calendar to know what to review BEFORE a Saturday rehearsal!

Exchanging contact info with classmates and having “Rehearsal-Dates” between students outside of class is a great way to prepare!


ALL STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: during the final week of our workshop there will be some additional weeknight rehearsals that we’ll let you know about as far in advance as possible.  Please keep the entire final week of October  19 – 25 available.

You can find performance schedule and ticket information posted online at www.ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org

Parents of students will be allowed to purchase tickets before the general public.  Make note of ticket sale dates once they are posted online.  This early purchase period is not for extended family or friends to use – only four tickets per family per performance can be bought before public sales begin.  Contact our box office with any ticketing questions:  info@ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org