RTB Launches Ghost Light Sessions (Live AND Remote!)

If you were able to attend, we hope you had fun at tonight’s RTB Ghost Light Session!

Now is the time for YOU to get involved!

Here are the ground rules: (1) The video must be in the dark, with an exposed, single-light bulb that mimics a traditional ghost light. (2) Submissions should be recorded on your phone or on a single camera device. Nothing fancy! (3) Please keep your video under 5 minutes in length.

In terms of content, here is what we are looking for:

Do you have a favorite theater memory, experience or performance (with preferential treatment to RTB stories, of course)? What has this quarantine inspired creatively? Did you have a performance cancelled or postponed and want share a song from that? Do you want to share your recorded Zoom session (aka “Brady Bunch” or “Hollywood Squares” style)? The possibilities are endless. Tell us your story and share the video!

Send your video to ghostlight@ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org and we will share our favorites on our Web site and social media platforms.

Share your submissions on social media using the following hashtags: