An Evening of One Acts 2020 has been postponed

At The Water's Edge by Carol Mark

Directed by David Fritsch

Kristin Aug as Margie
Aaron Kaplan as Eddie

Breaking and Entering by Ellie Martino

Directed by Shawn Tyler Allen

Carly Jurman as Bernadette
Jason Nekritz as Rugged Guy
Amy Oestreicher as Officer Wilde
Timothy Huber as Officer Hardy

Foothold by Pat Lennon

Directed by Brian DeToma

Larry Greeley as Thomas
Bonnie Rosenbaum as Mary

Home, Sweet Homeland Security by C. J. Ehrlich

Directed By Michael Ferrara

Christine Hruska as Nina Coldstone
Craig David Rosen as Dirk Coldstone
Rachel Ames as Sheila Sipkin
Josh Adelson as Mike Sipkin

One Night Stan by Adam Szudrich

Directed by Nancy Ponturo

Chhanda Som as Rachel
Kimberly Marcus as Holly
Flori Carlin Doyle as Marie

Sirens by Carol Mullen

Directed by Joe Harding

Pamme Jones as Smith
Taffy Miller as Wesson
Valerie Heugel as The Captain
Emily Volpintesta as Doc, Specs, Perp

Slow Dating by Adam Szudrich

Directed by Linda Seay

Stephanie Hepburn as Ester

Wait For It by Mary Ethel Schmidt

Directed by Duane Lanham

Jenn Hankla as Greta
Cooper Smithers as Greg

Which Wildflower Are You? by Linda Bidwell Delaney

Directed by Kate Patton

Matt Pagliaro as Max
Panni Layton as Sam
Emma Waters as Rose
Nicole Veach as Jane


This event has been postponed indefinitely – check back for updates on eventual performance dates/options