Live From Ballard Park

The Ridgefield Theater Barn is staging “Live from Ballard Park: A concert of light and love to benefit the Ridgefield Theater Barn” Thursday, September 17 th at 7pm.

Made possible with generous support from RKE Productions, this is a free concert, but donations are encouraged to help the theater get ready for re-opening in late fall. Patrons can make a donation when they reserve their “pod” at the park but will also have the opportunity via text-to-donate during the show. The Theater Barn is using the model developed by CHIRP, which includes all Covid-19 protocols to ensure that everyone’s participation is safe.

Featuring some of the best voices and stage personalities in the Fairfield and Westchester county theatre communities including, Shawn Tyler Allen, Anya Caravella, Zully Ramos, Everton Ricketts, Dany Rousseau, Steffon Sampson, Jess Smith, Michael Valinoti, and Jeffery Albanesi, as well as a special performance by RTB Kids Shayne Dwy, Charlotte Purcell, and Maddie Close, all accompanied by the exceptional Lisa Riggs Hobbs, the evening will be a night of song to uplift and entertain the Barn’s
beloved Ridgefield community. With Pamme Jones and Duane Lanham hosting, it’s certain the trademark RTB personality will be on full display! The concert will also be livestreamed for the community to enjoy at home on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, if they are not comfortable venturing out at this time.

In addition, there will be a pre-show episode of Duane Lanham’s “6 O’Clocktails” and for those who want to join in, ingredients for the cocktail and “mocktail” will be emailed to concert registrants in advance. As with CHIRP concerts, patrons should bring their own chairs, food & drink. Gates will open at 5:30, and only those that have registered will be granted admission. Masks are required and social distancing must be observed at all times except when guests are seated in their pod.

Although the concert is free, and walk-in space may be available, registration is strongly recommended and must account for all people in the party. Covid-19 Risk acknowledgment is required as part of the
reservation process. Pods come in space for up to 2, 4, 8, and 10 and cannot be combined, so reservations should be made accordingly.