Celebrate the Holidays with us!

December 2nd to 18th

A campy two-act musical revue featuring traditional and non-traditional holiday songs that casts a side-eye on the holidays!

What happens when a snowstorm derails Don and Doris Campbell’s annual holiday bash? The band is set up, the caterers have arrived- but will any of the guests make it? 

You’re invited to the Campbell’s 1953 holiday soiree!

Don and Doris have pulled out all the stops for an evening of fun and merriment for all. Nevermind the sudden blizzard, the fire, the rival caterers, uninvited divas and drunkards, resentments and jealousies or young love unrequited; there’s a three-piece band, dancing and singing, and many of the classic holiday songs you know and love. It will be the Super Nifty Holiday Bash you won’t want to miss!

Written by 
Duane Lanham
Directed By Deb Failla
Music Direction by Lisa Riggs Hobbs
Choreography by Kelly Nayden


Heather Abrado as Doris Campbell

Michael Valinoti as Don Campbell

Marilyn Crough Olsen as Gloria Gooseby

Duane Lanham as Charles Whitmer

Rachel Lewis as Edna Flatly

Chris Balestriere as Steven Stephens

Monica Harrington as Assistant Caterer

Lauren Gulliver Travers as Head Caterer