An Announcement to Our Patrons

After long and difficult consideration, the Ridgefield Theater Barn Board of Directors has decided to suspend all Theater operations through May 31. This includes all classes, rehearsals, performances and the Ridgefield Theater Barn Kids workshop.

In coming to this unhappy decision, we considered all available options. Ultimately, the safety of our patrons, staff, students, casts and creative teams was paramount. We were also guided by recent protocol from state and federal officials.

We are deeply grateful for the support of the Town of Ridgefield and all our patrons, who have expressed loyalty beyond what we could have expected. The Theater Barn has been in existence for 54 years, and we plan to operate for another 54 at a minimum.

Our leadership will continue in an active way throughout this temporary shutdown. As you can imagine this suspension of operations has put enormous stress on our finances. We would welcome any donation to help us manage through this difficult time.

The RTB’s core community theater mission of inclusion, respect and joy drives everything that we do. We believe that in this unprecedented time, these ideals will be the cornerstone of what keeps our community together,  and the foundation on which we rise. We are eager to undertake anything we can do to keep that mission alive during this time. We  cannot wait until we can all be together again in our beautiful Barn, celebrating the gift of live theater. 

Be well. Look after each other.

Pamme Jones
Executive Director